Our Team

 Doug Cornelsen

As the agency owner and chief of sales Doug sets the standards for the agency. “We protect families by proposing the right program for the right price that our clients can LIVE with.”

 Julie Cornelsen

Julie makes sure that our clients are taken care of and all their questions answered. She is also the other half of the Cornelsen Group.

About Our Agency

The Cornelsen Group is a member of the National Agents Alliance (NAA) and works with the NAA to help families prepare for the time in life when things take a turn for the worse, when a income earner dies.

We established in 2013 with a focus on Middle America and Baby Boomers. As a Baby Boomer myself and the Owner/President of Cornelsen Group, I and my staff are acutely aware of issues surrounding the many Baby Boomers and their middle income families.

  • Retirement Savings
  • Death and Probate
  • Mortgage Protection
  • Final Expenses
  • At Risk Individuals (Heart Conditions, Stints, Bypass, Cancer, etc.)

All these are very important matters to this classification of America. That is why we focus there. We work two ways with our customers:

    1. When you send in a request for information on any of the above, we are notified of that lead and we call on the person who sent it in. When you take your precious time to fill out the personal information, we take it seriously that you had a reason. Our job is to sit down with you for 30 minutes and learn what that reason was.

    2. We send people to our website daily. They can go to our get a quote tab and provide the information directly to us and we follow the same guidelines as above.

Everyone that is associated with the Cornelsen Group has promised to look at each and every person that comes to us as a person and not a dollar sign $. We get to know the people we work with and what their needs are. Then we recommend the best product to fit that need. We are a lifelong committed company. We plan to be here for our clients for life, I will pass this business onto my children and hopefully their children to make sure we stick with you all the way. So it is in ours and your best interest that we learn what your needs are and make sure that we are there for every life event, Deaths, Births, Marriages, Retirement, etc.

We thank you for visiting our site and always look to improve it. If you have any suggestions please share them with us on our Contact Us page.

Our Warmest Regards,

Douglas W Cornelsen

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